Factory Store

Factory Store 

Our factory store offers samples, sale and current season items from both Flair, Wolf Kanat and Ted Baker. Our experienced staff provide a quality service for all your suiting and formal wear needs. We also offer the service of our in-house tailor to make any necessary alterations.

Our range of suits, including dinner suits feature a wide variety of fabrics that provide you with a quality-fitting garment for your special occasion. We also have an impressive collection of shirts, ties and other accessories. 


Are you getting married?

No bridal party is too big or too small.
Our experienced staff can help you find a perfect suit for that special day!
Alternatively we can help you find a Flair stockist closest to you. 

Contact the Store
Phone: 03 9458 6659 or 03 9458 6660
Email: shop@flairindustries.com  


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